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10 Best YouTube Video Editors for 2024

 If you think about videos available online a few years back, it would only be for the purpose of entertainment. One could only think of watching a movie or songs online. However; as the world is evolving so is the purpose, availability and concepts of the videos that are available online. There are numerous content creators working round the clock to create engaging, entertaining and creative content to entertain their audience. 

It is so easy to educate your children, research on a topic or grasp the basic concepts of your syllabus by just typing on online video streaming websites. While we get to watch these videos by just typing and clicking, it is very important to appreciate the fact that the content creators work so hard to create those videos. They spend hours finalizing the content, editing the content, shooting / compiling the videos and then uploading after final review.

Video Editing Software


The whole process of creating an engaging and most important entertaining content is very essential for the success of the video. Apart from the content, the video needs to be a mix of imagery, catchy and vibrant colors, a balance of auditory and visual content along with the most important essence which is the dynamic editing. If you are wish to start making videos and grab your viewer’s attention, here are some of the video editing software which might be interesting for you to use:

Movavi Video Editor

This is a user-friendly and easy to use video editing software. It is available for both Windows and MacOS operating systems. Its simplicity allows the beginners to practice their editing skills and become a pro. The functionality which is including in the software has basic editing functions like trimming, cutting, splitting and merging videos. You can also add transitions, titles and effects into the video.

You can enhance the image of the video and insert audio tracks or even record voice overs. It even allows you to export your video in multiple formats and share it directly on the social media platforms. Once you start using the software, you won’t be able to resist it.

Final Cut Pro X

This is a professional video editing software available for iOS devices and is specifically designed by Apple. It has intuitive interface and offers powerful editing features. It is compatible and easily integrated with any Apple device. The Apple users prefer this software due to its high performance and efficiency. This specific software is recently under rumors to be available for windows. However; it is essential to note that final cut for Windows is not currently available as it is specifically designed by Apple Inc. and for MacOS operating system. If you wish to use a software just like it on the Windows operating system, you are use the softwares mentioned earlier in this article.


DaVinci Resolve

This is an advanced video editing software. It offers advanced color grading tools. You can avail its features in both free and paid versions. With the free features even though you have a little less advanced features usage, however; it is suitable for YouTube video editing.

Sony Vegas Pro

This is a very powerful video editing software; it is easy to use due to its user-friendly interface and powerful editing capabilities. It includes wide variety of features for video editing, adding effects and even audio editing. It is preferred by many YouTube video editors due to its advanced features and ease.


This is another video editing software which is developed by EditShare and is very popular among film and television industry professionals. It is available for both Apple and Windows devices. It offers features for professional editing of videos like advanced trimming, timeline editing, multicam editing and real-time effects.

It has an extensive built-in library of plug-ins for color correction, audio editing and visual effects. Users are also allowed to install third-party plugins to use while editing their videos. You can use it for free and even in the pro version; while the free version allows you to enjoy a lot of features, it also restricts the output formats and resolution options.


This is a video editing software designed by Apple and is available for free on Mac OS and iOS devices. It is also a simple and easy to navigate video editing software which makes it suitable for beginner YouTubers. It includes basic video editing features like video trimming, adding transitions and even audio editing.


This is a user-friendly video editing software which is suitable for both types of devices which run on Windows or Mac operating systems. It offers wide range of video editing features which include video editing, effects, transitions and audio editing. This software is quite popular among the beginners or intermediate YouTubers for its simplicity and affordability.

Hitfilm Express

HitFilm is a professional video editing software and offers professional grade-editing and visual effects tools. The features which are offered by this software include compositing, green screen effects and various other advanced video editing tools.  This is favorable among the professional YouTubers who wish to make their content more engaging and entertaining to grab their viewers attention and to offer them some extra. It is a very handy software due to its powerful features and very cost-effective pricing.

CyberLink PowerDirector

This is a video editing software which has a user-friendly interface and it is easier and faster to edit your video using it. It is a rich video editing software and is available for Windows. It offers a wide range of editing tools including multi-can editing, motion tracking and 360-degree video editing.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle studio is a comprehensive editing software designed to edit your videos. It is compatible with the Windows operating system and offers advanced editing features which include editing multi tracks, 3D editing and even color grading. It is one of the preferred editing softwares used by YouTube video editors as it has a user-friendly interface.


Now that you know more about the features of the top video editing software in the year 2024, do not waste your time in research. Buckle up and start editing. Before you plan your topic of the content, ensure that whatever you are planning to do, it should be in the best interest of your viewers and should not harm them in any way.

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