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Dude Perfect Net Worth: 2024 Updated

From sandwich betting and pranking on their YouTube channel to hosting the show Overtime, the Dude Perfect family has come a long way. 

This crew gained a subscriber base of 60 million on their channel, making it one of the biggest sports channels. But apart from that, they also have a couple of other monetization sources that helped their net worth skyrocket to where it is today.

So, let’s look at what Dude Perfect’s net worth is today and how they built it. 

Dude Perfect Net Worth: How Much Did They Earn In 2024?

If you're wondering what the net worth of Dude Perfect is in 2024; well it is around $100 million.

This sports comedy group consists of five members (twins Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney). These former high school friends earn anywhere from $20 to $25 million per year from their YouTube channel alone. 

However, their revenue keeps fluctuating throughout the year based on views, ad rates, and sales.

Dude Perfect maintains a family-friendly brand, appealing to a broad audience. That’s why you can vouch them as one of the very few YouTube channels that a family can sit together to watch and enjoy. Their impressive trick shots, humor, and positive energy are something most people known to us enjoy as mood boosters. 

This has majorly helped the fivesome to create a wholesome appeal to the audience. Their content gives you unadulterated fun and comfort that you can enjoy without thinking much. 

They are also pretty open about their Christian faith and would often include philanthropy in their content through charities. This is also a big reason why most parents don’t keep their kids from watching their content. 

How Did Dude Perfect Build Their Net Worth?

The simplest and the most basic answer to how Dude Perfect built its net worth would be through YouTube and social media. Their name is included among the biggest social media influencers. You can count them along other big names like Mr Beast, Jake Paul & Logan Paul, Jeffree Star, etc. 

And why shouldn’t they be? Even though they started by filming trick shots in their backyard (the OG “Backyard Edition”), eventually, they were able to invite celebrity players like Chris Paul, Tyreke Evans and  Aron Rodgers (their basketball trick shot edition) and even one of the most iconic tennis players, Serena Williams. 

But don’t credit all their fame to the celebrities. Even before they invited celebrities, they themselves broke some mindblowing world records. In 2009, the group set the Guinness World Record for the longest basketball shot after shooting from the third deck of Kyle Field. The video is still there on their Dude Perfect channel, in case you want to watch it.

What Are The Main Sources Of His Income?

When it comes to the revenue of the Dude Perfect team, their YouTube channel is one of the biggest sources of income. Their view count on this channel is over 17 billion. So the YouTube ads money trickling for them is pretty decent. However, that’s not their only source of income. 

The fame and love that the Dude Perfect team was able to gather over the years, made it quite easy for them to create a brand of their own. 

Thanks to their business savviness they moved beyond just YouTube and created a merchandise line and a mobile app. They are even planning a live tour called "Panda-monium World Tour” in May of 2024.

The tour will cover different locations in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Now the ticket prices will vary based on the venue and where you get it from. However, they are alleged to cost £30.10 to £98.20 for collector tickets and £154.95 to £416.00 for VIP packages. 

Based on their fan base and what artists usually get from live shows, they could be making millions per show. (Yes, live shows are VERY profitable!)

Plus, in a recent interview, the Dude Perfect team was asked about their plans for 2024, and the highlight was their opening of new headquarters in Gateway Drive. Moving to their third headquarters will be a massive upgrade from the previous ones. 

This new space will help them have sporting courts, a putt-putt course, a more well-thought-out Design Studio space, and even a retail space for people to visit.

All of this will directly or indirectly help Dude Perfect to make more money and grow their net worth.

What Properties Does Dude Perfect Own?

While details about specific properties that the Dude Perfect team own are fairly private, we do know a couple of things.

First, they likely own their main production facility. We can confirm this from a couple of news articles that talk about the investments in their “facilities” apart from the production cost of their videos. Plus, it makes sense  for a YouTube channel that produces elaborate trick shots and challenges to have their own production space. 

Secondly, there's no mention of them renting office or production space, suggesting ownership. So we can assume that the offices they use are owned by them, which is a commercial property. 

Beyond that, it's difficult to say for sure.  Dude Perfect might own other properties, but that information isn't publicly available. 

Now, if we focus on each of the members, there’s not much to dig in. All the members lead a private life which is surprisingly new for social media personalities and influencers. 

The youngest member, Tyler, might live in Texas, as we can guess based on their early videos. The twins Coby and Cory Cotton have even less information on their whereabouts. Cody was a former real estate agent and might have some knowledge of property investment, but again, specifics are unknown. Lastly, Garrett's property details are under wraps. 

Looking at their success it is very likely that all the Dude Perfect members are doing well and might own properties. But for specifics, we'll have to wait for them to share that information publicly.

Early Life Of Dude Perfect

It was at Texas A&M University that these five individuals' paths crossed. Their shared love of sports and faith became the foundation of their friendship. They even became roommates, and always kept each other on their toes with fun challenges. 

So Dude Perfect's story isn't about a sudden spark, but rather a friendship forged through shared experiences. 

Their competitive spirit is what gave birth to Dude Perfect in April 2009.  It all began with casual backyard trick shots and friendly bets over sandwiches at Tyler Toney's house and a local park. They filmed their attempts and uploaded them to YouTube.

Little did they know, their simple video would open the door that changes their lives.

Within a week, the video received a staggering 200,000 views and even caught the attention of Good Morning America. This unexpected recognition motivated them to keep making video content. Their second video, shot at a Christian summer camp, became an even bigger hit (18m+ views). 

Talking about each team member's early life, the Cotton twins are from The Woodlands, Texas. They were raised in a Christian household by their pastor father. Their childhood was filled with tennis, country and of course, basketball. 

The youngest of the group, Tyler's hometown is believed to be in Texas based on early

Dude Perfect videos.  Like the others, basketball was a passion, and he played alongside Garrett Hilbert in high school around 2006. 

Cody is a North Dallas native and his love for sports landed him a spot on the Plano

High School basketball team. His team  even won the Texas Class 5A State Championship in 2006. After graduating, he pursued a degree in finance and later became a commercial real estate agent.

Lastly, Garrett is the Californian of the group. When he moved to Texas he met Tyler and both connected over their passion for basketball. 


Since the Dude perfect team rarely discusses their personal details, it is difficult to calculate their net worth. 

Most online sources give an old number that is way off from what it actually is. Based on their steady growth in popularity over the years, our estimation will be $100 million or more. 

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