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Top Free Software and Tools Startups Should Utilize this 2024

Starting a business takes hard work, long hours, and careful choices when managing your finances. Every dollar counts during those crucial early stages as you look to validate your product-market fit, gain traction, and move closer to profitability.

For many startup founders, selecting the right software is a significant decision that can impact your venture's productivity, collaboration, and overall growth potential.

While countless paid tools on the market promise to make your life easier, did you know there are also high-quality, free options available that could help move your startup forward without breaking the bank? That said, let's highlight some of the top-rated software and tools that startup founders can access for free in 2024.

These tools can streamline processes, connect teams, and scale effectively on a budget. Utilizing these affordable solutions frees up precious capital to invest in product development, marketing, and hiring - all while gaining powerful functionality to support your early growth.

Fundamental Tools, Platforms, and Software for Startups to Use

If you want your startup to thrive and prosper, you must incorporate some tools that will simplify your workflow and operations.

These will improve how you run your business by speeding up the way you handle your tasks while reducing errors and miscommunications, allowing you to focus on what matters most - growing your business.

From project management tools to customer service platforms, keeping up with these trends can contribute to your startup's success:


The first software on our list can be employed by new startup businesses that embrace a hybrid working environment, which means there are times when their employees work from home, and the other half are spent in the office. It's a cloud-based video conferencing platform that offers the following features:

  • Face-to-face video meetings

  • Screen sharing capabilities

  • Recording features

  • Hosting video conferences

The free version limits meetings to 40 minutes and 100 attendees only, which is ideal for startups when doing quick catch-ups or updates when employees are working from home. It's not only for employees to use for collaboration or team meetings, but also for virtual client meetings and webinars.


For graphic design and marketing campaigns, Canva is currently the best platform for startups to create beautiful graphic designs that can be used on numerous applications, such as marketing materials, business cards, logos, Custom Window Graphics for Businesses, and many more. Canva offers the following features for free:

  • 250,000 pre-built templates

  • Customizable design types

  • Over 1 million stock images and graphics

  • AI-powered design tools

  • Drag-and-drop editor

With this platform, producing visually appealing content can improve your digital presence and aid in making traditional promotional materials, such as window decals, posters, and banners. You have the freedom to design unique graphics without having to spend a fortune on designers.

All well-established businesses take accessibility and inclusivity very seriously and make sure the content they are creating and all internal communication is accessible to everybody.

Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe offers transcription and subtitling for business teams which can ensure accessibility and reach a wider audience, especially those with hearing impairments or language barriers.

Boasting support for over 60 languages, including diverse accents and dialects, Happy Scribe stands unmatched in linguistic versatility. Use the free trial period and see the difference it makes in running your startup.


Forward-thinking startups recognize that their customers are the reason for their growth. Customer service software can aid in this endeavor by prioritizing your customer's needs and preferences by responding to requests and providing proactive customer service. BoldDesk will emphasize these elements by offering free tools that enables world-class customer experience with minimal effort.

BoldDesk offers some of the following features:

  • Task management system

  • Help desk ticketing system

  • Customer Portal

  • Automation of repetitive tasks

  • Seamless integration with other apps or tools

  • Reporting and analytics

These are only some free features that you'll experience using BoldDesk. It will make managing your customer service more straightforward and efficient, especially for rising startups


Slack is one of the most iconic instant messaging tools that can eliminate the confusion and clutter of having multiple communication channels. Fortune 500 companies and startups use this software because it allows diverse teams to communicate without delay. Its free version offers the following features:

  • One-to-one messaging

  • Chat in public or private channels

  • File sharing

  • Audio and video calls

Even though there are limitations to some features in the free version, such as a storage capacity of only 5GB, it allows integration with some of your favorite apps. Realistically, it's enough for small startups who want a reliable communication channel.


For managing projects with ease, Asana is a fantastic platform designed for cross-functional work. It offers a smooth and simplified interface that allows the coordination of tasks composed that can be assigned to different key players across various teams. You can also handle multiple projects simultaneously while integrating vital tools for convenience.

Some features of Asana's free version:

  • To-do list for ongoing projects

  • Setting deadlines

  • Delegating tasks

  • Tracking progress in real-time

For startups that rely on multiple projects to reach their business objectives, Asana will assist in keeping everyone accountable and on track. It can elevate your team's productivity without spending a penny.


Scheduling meetings, conference calls, events, and other appointments can be arduous for startups. That's why investing in an appointment scheduling app like Calendly can save you time and stress while everyone is up to date through meetings.

Fortunately, it's free and makes scheduling less of a nightmare because the invitation will be automatically sent to the attendees' contact number, email, and Google Calendar.

Calendly offers features like:

  • Integration capability with various apps (Google, iCloud, Outlook, and Office 365)

  • Personalized booking links

  • Automated reminders

It eliminates misunderstandings due to double bookings while facilitating time management for startups with a busy schedule. Everybody is updated with their upcoming meetings since Calendly ensures everyone is on the same page!


Social media is a critical aspect of promoting your startup. It's essential to have multiple social media accounts to create content and ensure it reaches potential customers. With Hootsuite, you can manage all your social media in one place, allowing for easier management and scheduling of posts in advance.

Some free features include the following:

  • Schedule postings

  • Keep track of comments and likes on your content

  • Track analytics

You get to maximize your online presence with valuable social media content for your followers. It can facilitate better engagement among your target consumers. As long as your social media profiles are managed constructively, customers will feel that you’re always available to answer their queries.

Leverage the Power of Free Startup Tools

Utilizing free startup tools is a clever move if you want to see your startup grow and become an important player in your industry. These software solutions will help streamline your business operations and increase your team's productivity without breaking the bank.

Remember that as a startup, every penny counts, and by using these free tools, you can allocate more funds for other crucial parts of your business. Once your startup earns, you can get their paid versions for better experiences!

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