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12 Top Startups in Kerala (2022)

Kerala, the southwestern coastal state of India well known for its backwaters and scenic beaches is also one of the emerging startup hubs in the country. Kerala is a state with the highest literacy rate and has a thriving economy. The state has found its place in the 2021 Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) with a ranking in the Top 20 Global Ecosystem in Affordable Talent. This article will introduce you to the startup ecosystem and top startups in Kerala.

Top Startups in Kerala

Startup Ecosystem in Kerala

With over 3100+ startups, Kerala’s startup ecosystem provides an attractive and world-class business infrastructure for entrepreneurs. Kerala is one of the most progressive and fastest-growing states in India. The state has been successful in creating a conducive environment for budding entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by providing various resources like incubation programs and government funding.

The Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM), which is a nodal agency of the government of Kerala for promoting technology-based entrepreneurship which supports the state’s startup ecosystem through providing entrepreneurship development and incubation programs. Kerala has always stood out as one of the most literate and skilled states in India. The state has schools, colleges, incubators, government institutes, and startups being so efficiently interlinked. This has created an excellent opportunity for the growth of innovation, investment, and entrepreneurship.

Top 12 Promising Startups in Kerala

Here are the top 12 promising startups in Kerala.

1. Genrobotic Innovation

Genrobotic Innovation - Kerala Top Startups

Genrobotics, a robotics company founded in 2015 headquartered in Trivandrum, primarily focusing on designing and development of robotic solutions to address the most relevant social issues. Genrobotics has been working with the central and state governments with a mission to eradicate manual scavenging from the entire country and has deployed its Bandicoot robots across 11 states.

2. Farefirst

Farefirst - Kerala Top Startups

FareFirst is a Kannur based startup founded in 2018. Farefirst is a metasearch engine platform on which multiple OTAs (online travel agencies) can be compared at a time. It is a one-stop destination for customers to search, compare, and book flight tickets, intuitively and painlessly.

3. Agrima Infotech

Agrima Infotech - Kerala Top Startups

Agrima Infotech is a Kochi based startup founded in 2011. Agrima developed the world's first dedicated food vision API for recognizing and understanding food items. They have used this technology in one of their apps ‘Recipe Book’. Recipe Book is the first APP from recipe-space to introduce deep learning and computer vision.

4. Entri App

Entri App - Kerala Top Startup

Founded in 2017, the Kochi based startup Entri App helps aspirants prepare for different government job exams as well as improve their private job prospects. Currently the app offers over 500 courses in eight languages – Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and Odiya.

5. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow - Kerala Top Startup

Founded in 2017, SurveySparrow introduced the world’s first chat-like surveys that combine the best of both worlds, surveys and chat. With SurveySparrow the users can manage customer experience surveys, employee pulse surveys, and market feedback surveys with a conversational user interface.

6. Desintox Technologies

Desintox Technologies - Kerala Top Startup

Desintox Technologies is a Thrissur based startup founded in 2016 with a vision to enable differently abled people and elderly people through assistive equipment. Their products include patient transfer hoists, standing/reclining wheelchairs, patient transfer chairs and walking devices for cp affected children.

7. Sastra Robotics

Sastra Robotics - Kerala Top Startups

Founded in 2013, Kochi based Sastra Robotics uses robotic technology for a wide range of industry applications. Sastra Robotics focuses on manufacturing intelligent robotic platforms for industrial product testing automation.

8. Infusory

Infusory - Kerala Top Startup

Founded in 2018, Infusory is a Thirssur based startup providing next reality immersive solutions with the latest in tech, for industries and enterprises. Their product, TutAR offers an AR platform to take enhanced learning sessions with students using awesome visuals.

9. Nava Design & Innovation

Nava Design & Innovation - Kerala Top Startups

Nava Design & Innovation is a Kochi based agri-tech startup founded in 2016, which focuses on bringing AI & Robotics to enrich the agriculture sector. Their coconut sap (Neera / Toddy) tapping device solves the shortage of skilled manual tappers shortage in the global coconut sap tapping industry. Its solutions benefit the producers of Neera, Coconut Honey, Coconut Sugar, Toddy, Coconut Arrack and more.

10. Strava Technologies

Strava Technologies - Kerala Top Startups

Strava is a Trivandrum based startup that is leading the edge in the space technology and Cybersecurity segments in India with its customized solutions to resonate with client’s individual needs.

11. Paysack

Paysack - Kerala Top Startup

Founded in 2015, Paysack is a Kochi based startup that began as a mobile wallet enterprise ahead of its time but moved on to a card-based platform as the ecosystem evolved. In 2020, they launched Funq, a neo banking platform for Educational Institutions, Students & their Parents.

12. Inntot Technologies

Inntot Technologies - Kerala Top Startups

Founded in 2014, Inntot technologies provide high quality and cost effective solutions for next-generation digital media receivers. They focus on IP solutions and services for Digital Radio, Digital TV/Set-Top Box, Media Streaming, Automotive Infotainment segments.


How Many Startups Are There in Kerala?

As of March 2022, Kerala has more than 2900 startups.

Which are the best startups in Kerala?

  • Genrobotic Innovation

  • Farefirst

  • Agrima Infotech

  • Entri App

  • SurveySparrow

  • Desintox Technologies

  • Sastra Robotics

  • Infusory

  • Nava Design & Innovation

  • Strava Technologies

  • Paysack

  • Inntot Technologies

Is Kerala startup friendly?

Kerala is one of the most progressive and fastest growing states in India. The state has been successful in creating a conducive environment for budding entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by providing various resources like incubation programs and government funding.

What are some best startup ideas in Kerala?

  • Elearning

  • Home decor services

  • Online grocery

  • Telemedicine

  • Tourism and many more.

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