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Alex Hormozi Net Worth (2024): Assets, Properties, Family

Alex Hormozi is a popular YouTuber, investor, entrepreneur and, most importantly, a multi-millionaire. Due to his appearance, you might mistake him for a gym trainer or, at best, a gym owner. 

This is partially true, but there’s so much more to his empire. He's one of the smartest marketers you'll ever come across, and his strategies are “revolutionary” to say the least! So, let’s take a peek at Alex Hormozi’s net worth and how he built it. 

Alex Hormozi Net Worth: How Much Does He Really Earn In 2024?

At the young age of 23, Alex Hormozi became a self-made millionaire. Now that he is in his 30s, his net worth is around $150 million. He is a first-generation Iranian-American millionaire who grew up in an environment where he was taught to value hard work and discipline. 

In a recent interview with Matt Gray, he talked about his journey of managing a business that generates $200 million in annual revenue. You're right, he must be talking about Acquisition, which is an investment company that supports startups. 

Earlier, he also had a multi-million-dollar business called Gym Launch, where he provided licensing, consulting, and other forms of support to open gyms, acquire customers, retain them, and scale revenue. 

How Did Alex Hormozi Build His Net Worth?

What surprises us most in his impressive journey, is the way he captured attention on the internet and monetized it. Nowadays, we come across social media gurus talking about the “Attention Economy,” but we can credit Alex Hormozi for identifying and exploiting it. 

However, it would be unfair for us to talk about his massive success and vast business empire and neglect Leila, his wife. She is the CEO and Managing Partner of Acquisition. She has been with Alex Hormozi throughout his thicks and thins since 2016, and they built this empire together. 

Alex Hormozi started out as any other immigrant in the US does, looking for a white-collar job. He graduated from Vanderbilt University Magna Cum Laude with a 3-year B.S. degree. He studied Human & Organizational Development with a focus on Corporate Strategy. This helped him land a job as a management consultant for a strategy firm. 

Within two years, Alex Hormozi realized 9-5 wasn’t something he could do for very long, so he quit his job and started his first venture. He opened a gym in 2013 and, in the next three years, expanded to three more locations. 

In the next two years, Alex turned around almost 32 businesses and sold them off for millions. While expanding his gym to 4,000 locations in just four years, he also founded and scaled up 7 companies that were entirely bootstrapped. 

His pattern has always been to scale a business and sell it when it's profitable. His most notable sale was his licensing and consulting company (Gym Launch), which got him a sweet 8 figure deal. However, his journey to success was not all smooth. Some of his ventures were massive failures, and he faced huge losses. 

Finally, in 2020, in the midst of COVID-19, Alex Hormozi decided to become a venture capitalist and launched Based on his investment portfolio, Alex prefers investing in businesses that are asset-light, have high-cash flow, give sales-based service or sell digital products.  

What Are The Main Sources Of His Income?

Almost all multimillionaires have multiple sources of income, and Alex Hormozi is no exception. We already found out that his investment company, Acquisition, brings almost $200 million annually. So, it’d be fair for us to say that it's his biggest source of income and wealth building. Beside that, he’s also a best-selling author, top YouTuber, and one of the OGs in the coaching business. 

Alexi Hormozi has written three books in total, among which “$100M Offers: How To Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No” (2021) made him the most money. It was the first part of his series, and the second part is called “$100M Leads: How to Get Strangers To Want To Buy Your Stuff”(2023).

On the second edition alone, he supposedly made around $4.5 million in eight months. This book launch was also record-breaking as over 200,000 people tuned into his YouTube live launch while 500,000 watched the replay. 

Now, talking about his YouTube channel, he has 2.23 million subscribers and 2.3K videos. On this channel, he has over 369 million views till now. So, you can understand that he makes quite a lot of money from YT ads, too. 

Alex Hormozi is also the co-owner of the platform Skool. Here, he introduced the Skool Game, where participants can create courses and coaching programs, which will then be hosted in Skool’s “Classroom’ section. The more traffic and customers one gets to the group, the higher their chances of winning. 

The participants can earn by bringing in new students, while the business earns through subscriptions. 

What Properties Does Alex Hormozi Own?

This may shock many people, but despite being a multi-millionaire power couple, Alex and Leila still live in a rented apartment. They don’t own any housing properties. 

In a talk show interview, Alex Hormozi said that they like living in rented places as it costs nominal compared to their income. Plus, they get to switch places whenever they want. So, his lifestyle is not like the typical 1% that we see. 

When it comes to cars, he did own a supercar once, but he later sold it. Alex loves living a low key life, which is probably the reason no one can tell his huge net worth from his looks. 

There are many clips on his YouTube channel where you can find him talking about his dream car. All OG Alex Hormozi fans know this, but if you’re not, then you’ll definitely not be able to guess what it is. So, drum rolls, please! 

Alex Hormozi’s dream car is a blacked-out Dodge Caravan

He also shares that he likes being underestimated when he shows up to new places. Which also explains us to some extent, why he doesn’t splurge in properties, fancy cars or designer clothes. 

Early Life Of Alex Hormozi

Born in Iran in 1984, Alex’s family immigrated to the United States when he was just 10 years old. Growing up as a first-generation immigrant, he faced financial struggles. At that moment, he and his family believed that only a conventional job could get them out of this rut. 

His father was in medical practice and wanted Alex to follow in his footsteps. But he clearly didn’t want that. So, after completing his studies at Vanderbilt University, Alex started working at a boutique consulting firm, where he displayed exceptional aptitude.

Then he realized that he could do better than this on his own and opened a gym. This initiated his entrepreneurial journey. However, fate often has other plans for us. He found himself living in a warehouse with no air conditioning and limited resources. Despite growing his gym business to three locations, his situation forced him to sell the business.

It was a setback for him, but he soon moved on to work on his next business venture. Due to the flashy Instagram culture, we often see the highs but rarely know about the rock bottom one has hit. 

Alex dealt with many hardships, from being rejected by his family to getting scammed and filing for bankruptcy.

But he stood up and built Gym Launch, which became the turning point of his life. Since building, scaling, and selling that business, Alex never had to look back. 

Personal Life Of Alex Hormozi

Alex Hormozi is a happily married man. His wife, Leila Hormozi, is also a bright entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. Shev studies at Western Michigan University and has a bachelor’s in kinesiology and exercise science. 

She is currently the CEO and co-founder of Acquisition, but before that, she also was the top-selling personal trainer in Orange County, California. 

Alex met his beautiful and talented wife, Leila, on a social media app called Bumble. Their common interest in fitness made them an instant pair. Besides, in an interview, Laila shared that Alex’s assertive nature was one of the first things that interested her.

The couple doesn’t have any children yet, but from an Instagram story of Leila, it seems like they are currently in the process of it. Whenever it happens, one thing that’s confirmed is that Alex is going to be a great father.

In one of his YouTube shorts, he shared how he wouldn’t give any money to his kids, as he believes simply handing over money will make them incapable. He’d rather teach them skills they need to build wealth and make big money on their own.


Hope we were able to tell you a little more about Alex Hormozi, his net worth, business, family and overall success story. Through and through Alex believed that nothing can beat hard work and that all of his success has to do with how persistent and disciplined he has been. 

If you’re interested in knowing more such details about other millionaires and billionaires, keep reading our pieces. And don't forget to hit a follow and subscribe to our page!

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