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Patrick Bet David Net Worth (2024): Family, Assets, Business

A commentator, entrepreneur, author, and YouTuber, Patrick Bet has worn many hats to get to where he is today. His thought-provoking podcasts on entrepreneurship brought him into the limelight. Along with fame, he also has a net worth of hundreds of millions. 

So, to learn more about Patrick Bet’s exact net worth and how he built it, keep reading. 


Patrick Bet-David

Place of birth

Tehran, Iran 


$450 million

Properties owned

$25 million mansion in Florida

How Much Is Patrick Bet-David Net Worth In 2024?

If you simply search for “Patrick Bet David net worth” online, most sites will give you a ballpark of $200 million. However, that isn’t true. 

Last year in an interview with Vlad TV, Patrick Bet himself revealed that this information is backdated. And as of December 2023, he has a net worth between $350 to half a billion dollars! So, as of 2024’s first quarter, we can consider that information to be the most accurate. 

Most people would be surprised to know that becoming a multi-millionaire was never on PBD’s wishlist—at least when he was a kid. 

When he was six years old, he was asked what his ambitions were. Young Patrick answered that he wanted to be a father. He was truly inspired by his own father, who was a truly motivating and nurturing father who taught him to aim for the best. 

However, his early life struggles made him realize that money is power. So he decided to enter the world of finance, and his life took off from there. 

He not only became a successful individual in the finance field but also decided to put all his knowledge out through his books and YouTube channel. Of course, he monetized them, which added a good chunk in this net worth. 

What Are The Main Sources Through Which Patrick Bet-David Makes Money?

Patrick started his career with companies like Morgan Stanley and Transamerica Corp. Even though the salaries he earned there don’t have much to do with his net worth at present, the learning, however, was priceless. With all his knowledge and passion, he built the PHP Agency that helped him make over a hundred million. 

He sold the company for around $300 million and still has 25% equity in it, which still helps him earn as the company grows. 

As of today, his YouTube channel, Valuetainment Media LLC, has over 5.43 million subscribers and 3.3k videos.  He also has seven other YT channels that have a total of another 2 million subscribers. His videos on Valuetainment channels have a total of 1.1 billion views, so you can do the math for how much he earns through this channel alone! 

Patrick Bet is also a famous keynote speaker and charges anywhere between $100,000 - $200,000 for live events and $50,000 - $100,000 for virtual events. He is also an author and earns royalties on them. 

Last but not least, we'll have to account for his investments! In the same Vlad TV interview, Patrick Bet shared that he has almost 70 million cash invested in stocks. On that note, he mentions that he prefers having liquid cash, as it helps him grab sudden big-shot opportunities. 

Patrick Bet David also mentioned that in this phase of his life, he is trying to focus more on investing to make wealth. So, for the next two decades, this income stream will have the biggest influence over his net worth. 

How Did Patrick Bet-David Rise To Fame & Success?

In 1978, Patrick Bet David was born to an Armenian and Assyrian couple in Iran. Unfortunately, his early childhood was rough due to the Iran-Iraq wars (1980-88), and his family had to migrate first to Germany and then finally to the United States. 

After arriving in the United States at the age of 12, he got his citizenship and served in the United States Army. After leaving the army, Patrick Bet David worked at different jobs and finally settled for finance. After working for big finance companies, he launched a website called Saving America in 2009 and did a few radio shows in LA. 

By then, he had enough capital to start his American entrepreneur life and built the PHP Agency in 2009, which was his first big step towards fame and success. In 2019, PHP hosted a huge convention with speakers like Kobe Bryant and President George W. Bush.  This convention on entrepreneurship also helped Patrick get into the limelight. 

To leverage this new fame, he launched his YouTube channel, which quickly picked up as he invited high-value personalities whom aspiring entrepreneurs look up to. To name a few, there were Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Robert Kiyosaki, Ray Dalio, Wayne Gretzky, Mark Cuban, Kevin Hart and an entire line of Mafia bosses (he has a playlist of just Mafia bosses!)

What Assets Does Patrick Bet-David Own?

Assets are things that have a positive return on investment. Simply put, assets help you make money in the future and not lose it. So, a house is an asset, as it usually appreciates in value over time (however, it depends on many factors), but a car is not.

Cars and devices are liabilities as, in most cases, they lose value over time. So when talking about Patrick Bet David’s assets we will not be talking about his car collection (Sorry to disappoint!)

Right now, Patrick Bet’s biggest asset is his company Valuetaintament Media LLC, which has an estimated net worth of around $70 million.  We can expect significant growth in this number as he is redirecting his channel to Valuetainment University, where he sells online courses on finance, entrepreneurship, personal development, and wealth making success. 

His investments would be his second biggest asset, which is also around $70 million. The speaking engagements generate him a lot of money, so we should count his knowledge and interpersonal skills as one of his assets. 

Patrick Bet David currently lives in a swanky water-view mansion in Florida worth $25 million, which is also a big asset. 

Lastly, we have his previous company, PHP Agency, which is now acquired by the  Integrity Marketing Group. So, we can’t exactly call it his asset. However, due to his existing equity, he still earns from it.

Personal Life Of Patrick Bet-David

Patrick is half Assyrian (father’s side) and half Armenian (mother’s side). He was born in Tehran, Iran, but grew up in Glendale, California. After joining the US military, he served in the 101st Airborne. 

Even after reaching the heights of professional success, Patrick didn’t forget what young Patrick had once dreamt of- being a good father. So in 2009, he got married to Jennifer Bet-David, and together, they have four lovely kids. 

Their kids are named- Patrick Tico (2012),  Dylan (2013), Senna Rose (2016), and Brooklyn Ivy Bet David (2021). 

Patrick and Jennifer met in 2002, in an organization where both of them worked together. After having known each other for almost six years, they started dating. After two years of dating, the two love birds got hitched.

Not many know that after getting married to Jennifer, Patrick decided to start the first of his business ventures (PHP) and she had a major role in planning things out. She was the chief VP of the company.


Nowadays, social media is flooded with those who claim to be a financial advisor. However, everyone will agree that Patrick Bet is one of the OGs.

He's a market realist who gained fame in the financial services industry, and became a successful entrepreneur. Patrick Bet David decided not to gate-keep the financial literacy that helped the rich to become richer and stopped the poor from getting rich. Therefore, he truly deserves every penny of his net worth.

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