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What Are The Cybersecurity Startups? (I've Found The 25 Best!)

When I first began exploring cybersecurity startups, I realized there was a glaring lack of authentic, firsthand information available online. After extensively using and analyzing various cybersecurity startups, I decided to bridge this gap. This article is my comprehensive guide, sharing insights and experiences to answer all your queries about these emerging players in cybersecurity.

Best Cybersecurity Startups

1. Abnormal Security

Abnormal Security, established in 2018 in San Francisco, stands out in the realm of email security. Their AI-based, cloud-native platform is a game-changer in combating socially engineered attacks. 

It's impressive how they've secured $284 million in funding, reaching a $4 billion valuation. What's truly remarkable is their coverage of over 5% of the Fortune 1000, including major names like Xerox and Royal Caribbean. 

Their anomaly detection engine is a masterpiece, utilizing identity and context analysis to scrutinize every cloud email's risk. This approach is effective not only in preventing inbound email attacks but also in detecting compromised accounts and offering swift email remediation. 

Their platform doesn't stop there; it extends its protective umbrella over configuration drifts in Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, and even includes additional safeguards for communication tools like Slack, Teams, and Zoom.

2. Cyware

Founded in 2016 by Anuj Goel and Akshat Jain, Cyware has made significant strides in the cybersecurity domain. With a recent influx of $30 million in Series C funding, their total raised capital stands at $73 million. 

Their platform is ingeniously crafted to minimize repetitive tasks in threat intelligence and security operations. It goes beyond this by automating intelligent actions to preemptively thwart attacks and ensure the right information reaches the right hands at the right time.

Their platform's no-code and low-code capabilities are a boon for security teams, allowing for more flexibility and ease of use. 

What sets Cyware apart is its ability to facilitate real-time threat intelligence sharing among teams, enabling them to prevent attacks before they can cause any damage.

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3. Snyk

Snyk is a cutting-edge developer security platform that seamlessly integrates into development tools and workflows. 

It simplifies the complex task of identifying, prioritizing, and fixing security vulnerabilities in code, dependencies, containers, and even infrastructure as code. 

What makes Snyk stand out is its support for a wide range of languages and its integration capabilities with various tools and workflows. 

They've harnessed DeepCode AI, which combines symbolic and generative AI, multiple machine learning methods, and Snyk's own security expertise. This unique blend ensures unparalleled accuracy in security assessments, steering clear of any false positives.

4. Lacework

Lacework, born in 2015 and based in Mountain View, California, is a force to reckon with in cloud security. Having raised more than $1.8 billion and valued at $8.3 billion, it's clear they're a heavyweight in the industry. 

Their Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) is a technological marvel. It doesn't just visualize your cloud's relationships; it establishes a baseline for normal behavior and flags any deviations that could signal security risks. 

What sets Lacework apart is its automated approach to compliance reporting and evidence gathering. 

They offer both out-of-the-box and custom policies for an array of standards, including HIPAA and SOC 2. Their recognition as the only security company in Forbes’ Top Startup Employers for 2022 speaks volumes about their prowess and workplace culture.

5. Axonius

Axonius is a trailblazer in the cybersecurity software landscape. Their platform, the Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM), SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM), and SaaS Management Platforms (SMP), is a testament to innovation. 

By connecting to hundreds of data sources, this platform excels at aggregating, normalizing, deduplicating, and correlating a plethora of data about various digital assets. 

What makes Axonius stand out is its ability to tackle the immense complexity that IT and security teams face daily. In an era where the proliferation of devices, users, software, and cloud services is overwhelming, Axonius simplifies this chaos. 

Their platform provides essential visibility and context, allowing teams to identify security gaps, streamline processes, prevent incidents, and shape strategic business decisions. 

Their commitment to reducing manual work through custom response actions and maintaining an up-to-date asset inventory is particularly noteworthy.

6. EclecticIQ

EclecticIQ, since its inception in 2014, has emerged as a significant player in the threat intelligence domain. Founders Joep Gommers and Raymon van der Velde have steered the company to become a global provider of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. 

Their platform is designed to empower organizations to stay one step ahead of evolving threats and outsmart adversaries.

With a substantial €47 million in funding over four years, EclecticIQ has positioned itself as a leading cybersecurity scale-up in Europe. The acquisition of PolyLogyx in 2020 further enhanced their capabilities in endpoint security, marking a strategic expansion in their service offerings.

7. HoxHunt

HoxHunt brings a unique approach to cybersecurity with its Human Risk Management platform. Founded in 2016 in Finland, HoxHunt focuses on driving behavioral change and reducing risk through employee training and awareness. 

Their work with leading global companies like Airbus and Nokia underscores their effectiveness in the field.

What sets HoxHunt apart is its ability to automate threat prioritization and analysis while providing realistic phishing training simulations. 

Their platform not only educates employees on detecting advanced phishing attacks but also equips operations teams to respond swiftly and efficiently, even with limited resources.

8. Arctic Wolf Networks

Arctic Wolf Networks, established in 2012, has quickly ascended to a leadership position in security operations. Their growth trajectory, marked by a significant increase in employees and customers, is impressive. 

Arctic Wolf's offerings include Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Managed Risk, and other essential security services, all delivered through their unique Concierge Delivery Model.

Processing over 3 trillion events per week, Arctic Wolf excels in collecting and enriching telemetry from endpoints, networks, and cloud environments. 

Their recognition by IDC MarketScape as a Leader and their consistent appearances on the CRN Security 100 List, including being ranked number 1 in the Top 10 Cybersecurity products in 2022, are testaments to their excellence and innovation in the field.

9. Menlo Security

Menlo Security has carved a niche for itself in the cybersecurity landscape, focusing on neutralizing advanced malware threats. 

Their cloud-based Browser Security is a standout, effectively preventing phishing and malware attacks across various browsers and devices, especially in hybrid enterprises. 

Founded by seasoned security executives from Check Point Software and Juniper, along with academic collaboration from the University of California, Berkeley, Menlo Security brings a rich blend of experience and innovation to the table. 

Based in Menlo Park, California, the company is driven by a diverse team comprising security industry veterans, enterprise leaders, and astute financial partners, all dedicated to pioneering ingenious security solutions.

10. Datavisor

DataVisor is a Silicon Valley-based startup revolutionizing big data security analytics for consumer-facing websites and apps. Their real-time solution is adept at handling the demands of even the largest enterprises, thanks to its leverage of cloud computing. 

What sets DataVisor's platform apart is its ability to blend machine learning with customizable workflows and a mix of device and behavior signals. 

This combination provides comprehensive protection by enabling early detection and adaptive responses to evolving fraud attacks. The company's foundation by globally recognized Internet security experts and backing by NEA, a leading venture capital firm, underscores its credibility and innovative prowess.

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11. Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct stands out as the first cybersecurity company to apply deep learning to its preventative security solution. 

Their approach to cybersecurity, especially in combating ransomware and other malware, is groundbreaking. Deep Instinct's ability to halt threats in less than 20ms, which is significantly faster than the quickest known ransomware encryption, is a testament to their advanced technology and efficient prevention-first strategy.

Originating from Tel Aviv, Israel, and now with business operations based out of New York City, Deep Instinct brings a unique blend of technological innovation and global market reach. 

The appointment of Lane Bess, former CEO of Palo Alto Networks and COO of Zscaler, as CEO in September 2022 further solidifies their position as a frontrunner in the cybersecurity domain.

12. Claroty

Claroty's mission is distinctly focused on securing the cyber-physical systems of connected organizations. Specializing in Extended IoT (XIoT), which encompasses OT, IoT, BMS, IoMT, and more, Claroty offers unparalleled visibility, protection, and threat detection. 

Their platform includes an array of solutions such as Claroty Edge for comprehensive environmental visibility, Claroty Secure Remote Access (SRA) for secure remote connections, and Claroty Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) for thorough threat detection. 

The announcement in December 2021 of their intent to acquire Medigate, a leading healthcare IoT security provider, cements Claroty's status as the most well-funded cybersecurity company in the industrial (OT), healthcare (IoMT), and enterprise IoT sectors.

13. Orca Security

Orca Security has made significant strides in the cybersecurity field with its cloud-native, agentless security and compliance platform. 

Since its inception on May 20, 2021, in Cambridge, England, Orca Security has focused on providing robust security solutions for major cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP. 

Their proprietary technology, SideScanning, is a hallmark of their capability, offering deep and comprehensive security insights within extensive cloud environments. 

With a remarkable fundraising achievement of nearly $630 million, resulting in a valuation of $1.8 billion, Orca Security has established itself as a key player in the cybersecurity arena. 

Under the leadership of CEO and Co-founder Gil Geron, the company continues to drive innovation and effective solutions in cloud security.

14. GitGuardian

GitGuardian has revolutionized code security for the DevOps era. Founded in 2017 by Eric and Jérémy, who brought their expertise as data scientists and software engineers, GitGuardian focuses on automating secrets detection and remediation. 

What sets GitGuardian apart is its dedication to securing the modern software development process, ensuring that cloud operations and security teams can collaborate efficiently and safely. 

Known for its innovative and technical solutions, GitGuardian has positioned itself as a disruptor in the market, addressing critical security needs in software development.

15. HiddenLayer

HiddenLayer, recognized by Gartner as a leading AI Application Security company, specializes in protecting artificial intelligence algorithms, models, and the data that power them.

Founded in March 2022 by seasoned security and AI professionals, HiddenLayer is based in Austin, Texas, and has quickly made a name for itself in the cybersecurity industry. 

Their achievement in raising $50 million in Series A funding, a record for a cybersecurity company focused on AI, underscores their potential and the industry's confidence in their solutions. 

HiddenLayer's defense solutions are already employed by Fortune 100 companies across various sectors, including finance, government and defense, and cybersecurity, highlighting their effectiveness and broad applicability.

16. SandboxAQ

SandboxAQ, an enterprise SaaS company, stands at the forefront of combining AI and Quantum technology (AQ) to tackle some of the world's most challenging problems. 

Founded in 2021 in Silicon Valley, California, SandboxAQ originated from Alphabet Inc. and has since evolved into an independent company, backed by growth capital in 2022.

The company's platform is diverse, offering solutions like orchestration suites, discovery solutions, enterprise solutions, and crypto-agile frameworks. 

In addition to these innovative offerings, SandboxAQ also provides a crypto-agile Security Suite for continuous inventory of cryptographic assets and combines quantum sensors with advanced AI for breakthroughs in medical devices and imaging.

Furthermore, SandboxAQ's AI and quantum technologies are harnessed in AQBioSim to simulate complex systems, yielding new insights in life sciences, materials, and chemistry. 

Their achievement in securing a U.S. government contract for military cybersecurity and a contract with the U.S. Air Force for researching quantum navigation technology, serving as a potential alternative to GPS, highlights their significant contributions and growing influence in the field.

17. Traceable AI

Traceable AI, co-founded by Jyoti Bansal and Sanjay Nagaraj, has emerged as a leader in API security, focusing on protecting APIs from next-generation attacks. 

The platform's ability to identify and test APIs, evaluate their risk posture, stop attacks, and provide deep analytics for threat hunting and forensic research sets it apart in the industry. 

What makes Traceable AI innovative is its use of machine learning to understand normal application behavior and detect deviations from this norm. 

With $80 million in venture capital and a valuation exceeding $450 million, Traceable AI has firmly established itself in the cybersecurity sector. 

Their strategic partnership with Silicon Valley CISO Investments (SVCI), an angel syndicate of over 55 practicing CISOs, further underscores their industry relevance and collaborative approach.

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18. Wiz

Wiz has distinguished itself with a security risk management platform that is not only top-notch in its functionality but also user-friendly and cost-effective. 

The platform offers comprehensive visibility of the cloud technology stack, significantly enhancing the cybersecurity team's capabilities. 

Wiz's solution is geared towards reducing risk, providing unmatched visibility, ensuring accurate prioritization, and fostering business agility. 

The platform's automated compliance with industry standards like PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA is a notable feature. With a staggering $10 billion valuation and $200 million in sales, Wiz has made a remarkable impact in the cybersecurity landscape.

19. Island

Island is revolutionizing cybersecurity with its focus on developing a secure enterprise browser. With over $325 million in funding and a valuation of $1.5 billion, Island has rapidly gained traction in the market. 

Their Enterprise Browser is designed to address the security challenges of BYOD, work-from-anywhere patterns, and contractor access. Beyond security, Island also emphasizes enhancing workforce productivity and user experience. 

The company's achievement in selling over 2 million browsers across various industry verticals and segments is a testament to its effectiveness and market acceptance.

20. TRM Labs

TRM Labs stands out as a next-generation blockchain intelligence company. It provides essential tools for monitoring, investigating, and mitigating crypto fraud and financial crime. 

TRM Labs offers a platform that is integral for digital asset compliance and risk management, earning the trust of leading financial institutions, cryptocurrency businesses, and government agencies.

The platform's support for over 70 million assets across 29 blockchains, including extensive coverage of NFTs and DeFi protocols, highlights its comprehensive approach. 

Founded in 2018 and based in San Francisco, California, TRM Labs has raised a total of $150.05 million in funding, showcasing its growth and market impact.

21. Eclypsium

Eclypsium, founded in 2017 by former Intel security engineers Yuriy Bulygin and Alex Bazhaniuk, focuses on zero-trust supply chain risk management. 

The platform's approach to enhancing supply chain security by incorporating zero-trust in every device and fortifying hardware, firmware, and software is groundbreaking.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Eclypsium has raised a total of $50 million in funding. Its contracts with the U.S. government and firms in the Forbes Global 2000 underline its credibility and the high level of trust in its solutions.

22. Verkada

Verkada has made a significant mark with its integrated physical security platform. The ability to manage all building and security products from a single cloud-managed platform accessible from anywhere is a major advantage. 

Founded by four engineers, Verkada has quickly become the trusted security provider for over 2,500 organizations. Valued at $1.6 billion, the company is committed to continuing its development of products that protect a company’s most valuable asset - its people. 

This commitment to security and innovation is what positions Verkada as a notable player in the field.

23. Isovalent

Isovalent stands out in the cybersecurity world with its eBPF-based solutions for networking, security, and observability. Their flagship product, Cilium, is at the forefront of enabling cloud-native networking, security, and observability. 

Founded by the creators of Cilium and eBPF, Isovalent has rapidly gained recognition as one of the fastest-growing companies in the cybersecurity sector. 

The impending acquisition of Isovalent by Cisco, a significant investor since 2020, is a testament to the company's innovation and market relevance. 

This move not only validates Isovalent's contributions to the field but also marks a significant milestone in their journey, promising to expand their reach and impact in the industry.

24. Noname Security

Noname Security, a Palo Alto-based cybersecurity startup founded in 2020, specializes in API security. Their platform is designed to provide comprehensive visibility, security, and control over APIs, which are crucial for business operations. 

What sets Noname Security's platform apart is its use of machine learning for the automatic discovery of APIs, understanding of normal behavior, detection of anomalies, and real-time threat blocking. 

This advanced approach positions Noname Security as a significant player in the API security domain, offering robust solutions to protect critical business functions.

25. Chainguard

Chainguard, a San Francisco-based cybersecurity startup founded in 2021, focuses on blockchain security. Their platform offers comprehensive solutions for securing blockchain transactions and smart contracts, addressing a crucial need in the rapidly evolving blockchain space.

The use of machine learning by Chainguard to automatically identify blockchain transactions, understand typical behaviors, detect anomalies, and block threats in real-time is noteworthy. 

This innovative approach to blockchain security highlights Chainguard's commitment to staying ahead of cybersecurity challenges in the blockchain arena.

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