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Best 20+ Startups In Bay Area Ranked! (2024 Edition)

When I first started exploring the dynamic world of startups in the Bay Area, I found myself asking the same questions many of you might have. Unfortunately, real, helpful articles were hard to come by. Having now extensively engaged with the Bay Area startup scene, I've decided to share my insights and experiences in this article, aiming to give you a comprehensive understanding of what it's really like.

Best 20+ Startups In Bay Area Ranked!


Finch stands out in the Bay Area startup ecosystem as a unique platform that provides a unified API for payroll and HR systems. 

My understanding of Finch is rooted in its goal to streamline the integration and management of employment data. This platform was founded in 2020 by Ansel Parikh and Jeremy Zhang and has grown to a team of 63 employees, all based in San Francisco, CA.

The mission of Finch is clear and ambitious: democratize access to employment data. This mission drives the company to create innovations and value in the employment sector. By offering access to over 200 payroll and HRIS systems through a single integration, Finch enables employers to manage organization, pay, and benefits data with unparalleled efficiency.

One aspect of Finch that I find particularly impressive is its commitment to security and privacy. The company uses robust encryption protocols like TLS 1.2 and AES 256-bit encryption to safeguard data. It also practices transparency in data handling, sharing only approved data and disclosing practices upfront.

In terms of funding and growth, Finch has raised an impressive $68 million. This includes a substantial $40 million Series B round co-led by General Catalyst and Menlo Ventures. Looking forward, Finch plans to continue expanding its team and services throughout 2023.


OpenAI stands as a leading figure in the field of artificial intelligence research. Known for its pioneering advancements in AI, OpenAI has developed large language models like GPT-3, which are acclaimed for their ability to generate text that closely mimics human writing.

The applications of OpenAI's technology are extensive and diverse, including its integration into platforms such as Instabase's. This incorporation demonstrates the versatility and utility of OpenAI's AI models in enhancing various digital services and applications.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, OpenAI is recognized globally as one of the foremost research entities in AI. The organization's contributions to the field are not only groundbreaking but also instrumental in shaping the future of artificial intelligence and its real-world applications.

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MyKargo (Kargo)

Kargo is another innovative startup in the Bay Area, focusing on optimizing logistics operations. It automates shipping and receiving processes using advanced computer vision technology, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Since its founding in 2019, Kargo has demonstrated significant growth. The company has successfully raised $25 million in Series A funding and is on track to expand its team and operations further.

The technology behind Kargo is what truly sets it apart. The Kargo Towers utilize machine vision to capture freight data in real-time. This automation not only streamlines data collection but also enhances supply chain visibility. The system's integration with existing inventory systems provides actionable, real-time data.

Kargo's mission is to bridge the gap between the physical world of logistics and the digital ecosystem. The company aims to enhance supply chain flexibility and visibility, creating a more connective infrastructure in the logistics sector.


Hightouch is a noteworthy Bay Area startup specializing in Data Activation. It leverages Reverse ETL technology to sync customer data from data warehouses to various business tools. 

As part of the Y Combinator S19 batch, Hightouch has received backing from notable investors and was founded by early employees of Segment.

The services offered by Hightouch are innovative and user-friendly. The platform includes a visual editor for creating unified customer profiles, a suite of no-code features for data exploration, and pre-built integrations. 

These integrations are designed to sync data to a range of tools used in marketing, advertising, sales, and customer success.

From my experience, the flexibility and security Hightouch provides in activating customer data are noteworthy. It stands out as a solution that can cater to a variety of business needs, making it a valuable tool in today's data-driven business environment.


January, a fintech company based in San Francisco, is making waves in the debt collection industry. It offers compassionate alternatives for borrowers who have fallen behind on their loans. 

This approach is a significant shift from traditional methods, aiming to drive systemic change in what is often seen as a predatory industry. 

What stands out about January is its commitment to providing better options for borrowers. This commitment not only benefits the individuals but also challenges the industry to reconsider its practices. 

January's innovative approach has earned it recognition as one of the best startups to work for in San Francisco.


Render is revolutionizing the cloud service industry for developers. It provides a unified platform for hosting applications and websites, with features like free TLS certificates, global CDN, private networks, and auto deploys from Git. 

Render's platform is designed to make the lives of developers easier. By simplifying the process of building, deploying, and scaling apps, it allows developers to concentrate more on product development and less on server setup and maintenance. 

The company's success is evident in its impressive funding of over $75M and winning the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield at TC Disrupt 2019. Render supports a diverse range of customers, from small prototypes to large-scale applications.


WeaveGrid is at the forefront of integrating electric vehicles (EVs) with the electrical grid. Its software, which uses machine learning and optimization, shifts EV charging to off-peak times. This shift benefits utilities, OEMs, and EV drivers alike.

The company's partnerships with major utilities and automakers streamline grid integration and provide seamless charging experiences.

WeaveGrid's efforts in facilitating the electrification of transportation are further bolstered by a $35M Series B investment, underscoring its commitment to enabling the electric transportation transition.

Robust Intelligence

Robust Intelligence is a key player in the artificial intelligence and machine learning sector. The company focuses on eliminating risks introduced by AI technologies, considering the impact on organizations and society. 

The company's flagship product, RIME, is designed to monitor and detect AI failures. This focus on AI safety and reliability is crucial in an era where AI's influence on business and society is rapidly growing. 

Robust Intelligence's mission and product offerings position it as a significant contributor to the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies.

Clean Power Research

Clean Power Research is making significant strides in the utilities and energy industry. They develop cloud services that inform business decisions and engage customers in this sector. 

Supporting over 75 electric utilities, including the top 10, and 200 operators and financiers, their reach and impact are substantial.

One of their notable offerings is the WattPlan Calculator, which assists customers in exploring energy options and costs. This tool is a testament to their commitment to empowering consumers with information and choices.

Clean Power Research also streamlines operations for utilities through electronic document handling and improved communication. Their partnership with the University at Albany (SUNY) for solar data research and innovation further highlights their dedication to advancing the energy sector.


Dealpath is revolutionizing the real estate investment landscape with its cloud-based deal management platform. This platform provides real-time visibility for managing acquisitions, dispositions, development, and financing across teams.

The utilization of AI-powered tools for extracting deal data and generating concise summaries is a game-changer. It enables users to identify opportunities more efficiently. Dealpath has earned the trust of leading institutions in the real estate industry, including giants like Blackstone and AEW.


Mercury is redefining banking services for startups. They offer FDIC-insured accounts and custom debit and credit cards tailored specifically for startup needs. 

Their suite of business banking tools facilitates account creation, spending segmentation, and vendor payments.

Founded in 2017, Mercury has rapidly gained traction in the startup community, now serving over 100,000 customers.

 While not a bank itself, its partnerships with banking service providers enable it to offer comprehensive financial services to its clients. 

This approach has made Mercury a go-to resource for startups seeking tailored banking solutions.

Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics, a global technology product, service, and solution provider, achieved sales of $37 billion in 2022. Their extensive portfolio covers the entire technology landscape, including electronic components and engineering support. 

Arrow plays a crucial role in helping customers create, make, and manage forward-thinking products.

What makes Arrow unique is its support for startups, especially in developing robotics and AIoT devices. 

Their involvement in projects like smart home technologies, motorbike performance enhancement, water quality improvement, and prosthetics showcases their broad impact.

With a significant presence of over 22,000 employees and more than 210,000 customers worldwide, Arrow's influence is substantial. Founded in 1935 and going public in 1961, Arrow has a long-standing reputation in the tech industry.

Mysten Labs

Mysten Labs, a Web3 infrastructure company based in Palo Alto, is developing the Sui Layer 1 blockchain. The startup's recent $300 million fundraising led to a staggering $2 billion valuation. 

Co-founded by veterans of Meta's Diem project, Mysten Labs is expanding its team with key roles like a founding engineer and head of growth. 

The Series B funding round, led by FTX Ventures, is set to bolster the development of Web3 infrastructure and applications for the Sui blockchain.


At-Bay is transforming the cyber insurance sector by offering policies with limits up to $5 million for businesses with revenues up to $2 billion. The company uniquely combines top-tier insurance with cutting-edge cybersecurity technology.

At-Bay stands out with tools that enhance brokers' efficiency, featuring fully automated underwriting and quick bindable quotes. 

The company's recent $185 million funding round has elevated it to unicorn status, underlining its growth and potential in the cyber insurance industry.


thirdweb is a web3 development platform, enabling developers to build and scale web3 applications efficiently. It provides essential tools for smart contract deployment, wallet integration, and fiat payment acceptance.

Used by over 70,000 developers monthly, thirdweb emphasizes user experience with a customizable wallet stack. Importantly, apps built with thirdweb are fully owned by the developers, avoiding vendor lock-in. 

The platform's recent Growth plan offers robust, self-serve infrastructure for growing web3 apps. With $24 million raised at a $160 million valuation from notable investors like Haun Ventures, Shopify, and Coinbase, thirdweb is poised for significant growth.


AtoB, a fintech company, is modernizing payment infrastructure for the transportation industry. Its flagship AtoB Fuel Card, a zero-fee fuel card accepted widely, is designed for fleets of all sizes. 

Addressing critical industry issues like outdated payment tools, fraud, and hidden fees, AtoB is making a significant impact in trucking and logistics. 

Founded in 2019 by Harshita Arora and Vignan Velivela, the San Francisco-based company has grown to 71 employees. AtoB's impressive valuation of $800 million, supported by $75 million in equity and $80 million in debt financing, highlights its success and future potential.

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Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is revolutionizing the blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape with its domain-building platform.

This innovative platform replaces complex cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable names, simplifying transactions in the digital world. Offering top-level domains like .crypto, .coin, .bitcoin, .x, .888, .nft, and .dao, it has registered over 2.5 million domains to date.

The platform's recent Series A funding of $65 million, leading to a valuation of $1 billion, underscores its growth and potential.

Unstoppable Domains' mission to empower individuals with control over their digital identities is not just innovative; it's vital in today's digital era.

Additionally, their single sign-on service for Ethereum and Polygon enhances user convenience and security in the blockchain space.


Truework is a key player in the income and employment verification sector. Serving mortgage lenders, consumer lenders, and property managers, Truework aims to streamline verification processes. 

The company's strategic partnership with TransUnion, coupled with a minority investment from them, is a testament to its potential and credibility.

Truework's platform, capable of automatically verifying up to 95% of U.S. employees, significantly reduces manual work by directly using verified income from payroll providers.

 Its $50 million Series C funding in August 2022, led by G Squared with participation from Sequoia Capital and others, highlights its commitment to lowering costs and accelerating turnaround times for businesses.


AKASA is at the forefront of AI-powered automation in healthcare operations, focusing on revenue cycle management. The company's use of computer vision-based RPA (Robotic Process Automation) enhanced with machine learning is particularly impressive.

AKASA's mission is to enhance revenue, efficiency, and the patient experience in healthcare. 

The company's $60 million Series B funding in March 2021 demonstrates significant investor confidence. 

AKASA's approach, combining AI, machine learning, automation, and experts-in-the-loop, is pivotal in streamlining healthcare operations.

Incredible Health

Incredible Health is transforming the way nurses find permanent roles and how employers hire specialized nurses. 

The platform's success is evident in its $17 million raise from firms like Andreessen Horowitz and a valuation of $1.65 billion after an $80 million Series B funding round in August 2022.

Used by hundreds of hospitals across the U.S., Incredible Health has experienced a remarkable 500% revenue growth in 2021. 

The platform's rapid expansion, adding over 10,000 U.S. nurses weekly and growing from 200 to 600 hospital partners, highlights its effectiveness and impact in the healthcare staffing sector.

Applied Intuition

Applied Intuition is a trailblazer in the autonomous vehicle sector, providing advanced software for simulating and testing autonomous vehicle systems. 

Its technology is pivotal in accelerating the development of autonomous vehicles by offering realistic simulation tools for testing and validation.

What sets Applied Intuition apart is its platform's ability to handle complex scenarios that autonomous vehicles might encounter. This capability allows for thorough testing before these vehicles are deployed on real roads. 

The significant investment from venture capital firms in Applied Intuition is a strong indication of the confidence in its technology and its market potential.

Twin Health

Twin Health is making a profound impact in the healthcare sector, particularly in managing chronic metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes. The company's innovative approach combines advanced medical science with digital twin technology.

Their Whole Body Digital Twin™ is a standout feature, providing a digital representation of an individual's metabolism. This technology, accessible through an app, offers personalized guidance and is supported by a dedicated care team. 

Twin Health's approach, integrating IoT and AI for precision treatment, has demonstrated significant success rates in the remission of type 2 diabetes.


AngelList is a key player in the startup ecosystem, building essential infrastructure that connects investors with innovators. The platform fills critical gaps in the venture capital market by providing innovative tools for venture investing.

AngelList's offerings include software solutions for venture and private equity, such as data rooms, investor portals, and cap table management. 

The platform's success in facilitating numerous top-tier VC deals and providing full-service fund management for various investment vehicles highlights its integral role in the startup economy.


CapitalOS is redefining the financial services sector for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with its embedded business card and spend management solution. 

The platform offers 0% interest, no-fee business cards with a revenue-based credit limit, challenging traditional banking models.

What makes CapitalOS stand out is its ability to quickly deploy superior capital products, offering an alternative to debit cards or loans. The platform manages the entire user journey, from onboarding to card management, while preserving the brand and user experience.

Character.AI is a groundbreaking conversational AI company that has raised an impressive $150 million at a $1 billion valuation. 

The platform enables users to create AI chatbots for interactions with fictional and historical characters.

Character.AI's language model is adept at analyzing and contextualizing information to produce meaningful interactions. With plans to expand its engineering team and develop new features and capabilities, Character.AI is poised to make significant advancements in the field of conversational AI.


Beacons are transforming the way businesses interact with customers through proximity marketing. These small, wireless transmitters use low-energy Bluetooth technology to communicate with smart devices nearby. 

Their primary function is to enable businesses to send targeted ads or information to customers based on their location.

The versatility of beacons extends to various applications like occupancy monitoring, asset tracking, contact tracing, loyalty programs, advanced data gathering, mobile ticketing, and indoor navigation. 

Their growing market is attributed to this wide range of applications and their potential to boost productivity and improve profit margins.

Beacons operate by broadcasting an identifier that triggers a specific action on a mobile device, such as displaying a notification or coupon. 

Industries beyond retail, including healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics, are increasingly adopting beacon technology for its myriad benefits.


CaptivateIQ is revolutionizing the sales commission landscape. Founded in 2017, it has garnered significant funding from top-tier investors like Sequoia, Accel, ICONIQ, Sapphire, and Workday Ventures. 

The platform excels in enhancing incentive programs for admins, payees, and businesses, earning recognition as a Strong Performer in sales performance management platforms.

CaptivateIQ’s no-code platform stands out for its flexibility and scalability. Features like real-time payout calculations, plan modeling, and comprehensive security and compliance make it a powerful tool for businesses. 

The company's mission is to transform commissions into a strategic growth driver, streamlining the process and maximizing sales performance.


Gem is redefining talent acquisition with its innovative platform, often likened to a "Salesforce for hiring." It equips recruitment teams with tools to manage workflows, engage candidates, and analyze hiring metrics. 

The platform's goal is to enhance the efficiency of recruiting teams and improve the overall hiring experience, making it a valuable asset in the competitive talent market. leverages artificial intelligence to empower sales, marketing, and customer success teams. The platform captures all customer contacts and activities, utilizing AI to generate actionable insights. 

This approach optimizes the sales process, boosts productivity, and increases revenue, marking as a critical tool for businesses looking to unlock their full potential.


Sendbird is making a significant impact in the realm of app and website interactions. The company provides a scalable and customizable platform for chat, voice, and video capabilities within mobile apps and websites. 

Designed to enhance user engagement and retention, Sendbird enables real-time conversations, thereby enriching the user experience and fostering stronger in-app communities.

Human Interest

Human Interest Inc. is a notable player in the 401(k) and 403(b) provider space, specifically targeting small and medium-sized businesses. 

Founded in 2015 and based in San Francisco, the company has made retirement plans more accessible and affordable, a service once primarily available to large corporations.

Their platform stands out for its user-friendliness, allowing users to launch a retirement plan quickly and efficiently. Human Interest's commitment to solving America's retirement savings crisis is evident in its diverse and motivated team.

An intriguing aspect of Human Interest is its special perk for employees earning $60,000 or less: 3% cash back on employee contributions. Additionally, the company simplifies retirement plan management by syncing to payroll, processing contributions, and handling compliance and IRS paperwork.

The company's workforce, over 600 strong, is partly based in its San Francisco headquarters, with the majority working remotely across the U.S., reflecting a modern, flexible work culture.


Heap is transforming digital insights with its platform that offers a complete understanding of customers' digital journeys. 

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in San Francisco, Heap serves over 10,000 companies, aiding them in improving conversion, retention, and overall customer experience.

What sets Heap apart is its data science tools, which provide insights into user behavior, paths, and events that correlate with conversion and retention. 

The platform's ability to capture the entire digital experience of every user automatically is a game-changer for businesses seeking to understand and optimize customer interactions.

Heap's acquisition by Contentsquare and its total funding of $218M over five rounds from 27 investors is a testament to its success and potential in the digital analytics space.


Fountain, founded in 2014, is redefining the hiring process for hourly workers with its Labor Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The platform is designed to streamline the hiring process from application to start date, making it efficient for recruiters.

A key feature of Fountain's platform is its mobile-friendly application process, allowing candidates to apply quickly and easily from their phones. The platform also offers advanced analytics, providing managers with end-to-end visibility and enabling data-driven decision-making.

Fountain's global reach is impressive, with customers in 78 countries hiring over 1.2 million workers annually through the platform.


Excarta, a startup founded in 2022, focuses on AI-enhanced weather forecasting. With $2.5 million in funding, it aims to develop a business-targeted weather forecasting platform. 

The company utilizes AI to provide high-resolution forecasts, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and improve efficiencies.

Excarta targets industries heavily impacted by weather conditions, offering them actionable insights. The company's cloud-based platform processes vast amounts of weather data for accurate forecasting.

A significant competitive edge for Excarta is its claim of more precise weather intelligence compared to traditional models. 

Its AI-driven forecasts reportedly have up to 10% lower error rates for temperature, dewpoint, and wind speed forecasts, setting a new standard in the weather forecasting industry.

Viz is revolutionizing healthcare with its AI-powered care coordination technology, particularly in the area of stroke care. Trusted by over 1,400 hospitals and having developed 12 FDA-approved algorithms, is a key player in the healthcare tech industry.

Their leading AI care coordination platform stands out by accelerating diagnosis and treatment through auto-detection of suspected diseases across various therapeutic areas. 

This technology provides real-time insights and automated assessments, greatly enhancing the efficiency of medical interventions.'s market reach and potential are remarkable, with agreements with over 1,500 U.S. hospitals and plans to expand its services to drug companies. 

The company’s competitive edge lies in its ability to quickly identify and treat strokes by comparing patient CT scans against a vast database, thereby reducing time to surgery and potentially saving lives.


Meltwater, a SaaS media monitoring company founded in Norway in 2001, has grown significantly to over 2,000 employees across more than 25 countries. The company specializes in providing solutions across media, social, consumer, and sales intelligence.

Meltwater harnesses real-time world data with its suite of AI-powered tools, offering customers a competitive edge in media, social, and consumer intelligence. Serving a global market of approximately 27,000 clients and reporting $439 million USD in revenue for the 2022 fiscal year, 

Meltwater’s market presence is substantial.

Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, Meltwater aims for continuous innovation and sustainable growth, striving to be the industry partner of choice for global brands. This ambition sets them apart as a leader in media intelligence.


Backer is an innovative platform that addresses a crucial need: helping families save for their children's education. It leverages the benefits of 529 savings plans, allowing for tax-free investment with contributions from family and friends.

Impressively, Backer has facilitated over $250 million in savings for education, playing a significant role in reducing future student debt. 

The platform's recent acquisition of Saving for College and securing a $9.5 million Series A funding round highlight its growth and impact.

Previously known as CollegeBacker, the company's rebranding to Backer reflects the broader application of 529 plans, extending beyond college expenses. This move underscores Backer’s commitment to making education savings more accessible and versatile for families.


Harvey, a generative AI company, has carved a niche in the legal sector by creating custom large language models (LLMs) specifically for law firms. 

The company excels in assisting with contract analysis, due diligence, litigation, and regulatory compliance, providing insights and recommendations that enhance legal services.

Impressively, Harvey has raised substantial funding, including a $21 million Series A round led by Sequoia Capital and an $80 million Series B round. Valued at $700 million, Harvey has garnered support from prestigious investors like Kleiner Perkins and OpenAI's startup fund.

The company's AI technology is geared towards improving the efficiency and quality of legal services. 

Harvey’s collaboration with major law firms like Allen & Overy demonstrates its effectiveness and the trust it has earned in the legal community. is redefining travel planning with its focus on simplifying multi-city Eurotrips. The startup uses AI to craft personalized itineraries, including flights, trains, buses, ferries, and airport transfers, streamlining the travel planning process.

The platform aims to provide a stress-free travel experience by collaborating with trusted travel service providers. 

Available as a downloadable app, is dedicated to making multi-destination travel planning not only easy but also enjoyable for its users.


Acaia has made a significant mark in the coffee industry with its specialized coffee scales. Known for monitoring weight, time, and flow rates during coffee brewing, Acaia's products like the Acaia Pearl and Acaia Lunar have become essential tools for baristas.

The company's scales are equipped with advanced technology, including quick response and startup times, bright displays, USB Type-C charging, and a stable weight indicator. Since its first scale launch in 2013, Acaia has established itself as a major player in the specialty coffee world.

Acaia’s products are designed with a keen eye for aesthetics and functionality, catering perfectly to the needs of coffee professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Fresh Victor

Fresh Victor, a San Francisco-based company founded in 2017, operates in the Food and Agriculture and Consumer Goods market segments, focusing on cocktail mixers. 

The company has ventured into direct-to-consumer ordering in several states and offers a range of cocktail mixers suitable for at-home mixology.

The company is yet to make acquisitions or investments and is funded by at least one institutional investor, Murano Group. 

Fresh Victor is recognized for its craft cocktail mixers and actively participates in events and education related to non-alcoholic cocktails and mixology, showcasing its commitment to the art of drink-making.


Dashtoon, founded in December 2022 in California by Sanidhya Narain, Lalith Gudipati, and Soumyadeep Mukherjee, is a startup that assists comic creators in bringing their stories to life. 

The company provides a platform and AI tools to transform writings into comics, operating in the technology and media sectors.

With $5 million in seed funding, Dashtoon operates two units: Dashtoon Studio for comic creation and Dashtoon Apps for reader access. The startup uses a freemium model, offering users one free episode per day for each comic, with monetization opportunities for creators.


Clearblow, an AI healthcare tech startup based in Menlo Park, California, focuses on developing smart solutions for respiratory health. 

Founded in February 2021 by Lach Black, Clearblow completed its pre-seed financing round with support from Global Venture Capital Partners and angel investor David McCarthy.

The company's flagship product is an intelligent pocket spirometer, designed to enhance testing accuracy and improve patient outcomes for individuals with chronic lung conditions. 

Clearblow's strategic goals include product development initiatives, partnerships with research hospitals and pharmaceutical firms, and expediting FDA clearance for its spirometer for COVID-19 remote monitoring and diagnosis.

Obviously AI

Obviously AI, based in San Francisco, CA, is a B2B predictive analytics startup that democratizes machine learning for non-technical business analysts. 

The company envisions turning every company into an AI company by enabling rapid, code-free development of machine learning models.

Obviously AI's impact on the market is significant, as it lowers the barrier to entry for predictive analytics. This allows businesses to leverage AI for various applications, like yield prediction and real-time pricing adjustments, without needing data science expertise.


Sweep offers innovative software solutions that assist companies in tracking and managing their carbon and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) data. 

The platform is compliant with international ESG standards and regulations, supporting businesses across industries to align with standards like the PCAF (Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials).

Sweep's mission is to transform how companies view and manage their carbon footprint, encouraging them to see it not as a liability but as a source of innovation and positive growth. The company supports businesses in becoming 'Forever Companies' by creatively managing their carbon impact.

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