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How Does Market Cap Work for Crypto Valuation?

With the rise of cryptocurrencies and the booming ecosystem that has come with it, crypto startups have found a way to harness the power of this new technology and turn it into a multi-million dollar industry. The high number of crypto startups is a noticeable change in the industry, as it can be seen as a sign of exponential growth and success. Considering the competition and the amount of capital these companies are raising, it is evident that crypto startup valuation has changed. In the crypto industry, market capitalization is the total value of the coins that have been mined and remains one of the main factors in crypto startup valuation. In this article, we will explore the concept of market capitalization and how it applies to crypto startup valuation.

Market Cap - Crypto valuation

Crypto startup and market cap

Crypto startups are companies that aim to provide, develop, and grow a crypto-based ecosystem for their users. Oftentimes, companies find their niche in specific blockchain technology and use it as the basis of their business. The goals of these startups vary from providing more efficient versions of popular services to offering new and innovative ideas that will dominate the market in the future.

Due to the ease of access to these crypto coins and the growth potential they have, more and more investors are attracted to them. On the other hand, market cap, in general, refers to the total value of all the shares of a company’s stock. In the case of a crypto startup, the market cap is the total value of a cryptocurrency. Thus, taking the market cap as well as the value of these tokens into consideration is a crucial factor in crypto startup valuation.

What is the market cap?

The market cap, or the total market capitalization of a company in terms of crypto startups, is the overall value of all the circulating coins of a given cryptocurrency. Market cap helps to gauge the size of a cryptocurrency, as well as its perceived value. In other words, the market cap serves as a measure of the company’s success in the market and is often used as a base for comparison among other companies.

While a company with a large market cap signifies a strong position in the market and is often seen as a strong indicator of future success, on the other hand, a small market capitalization can be seen as an indicator of a weak position in the market. However, the factors that affect the market capitalization of a crypto company include the following: the value of the available coins in the market, their liquidity, their exchange rate with other cryptocurrencies, and how new coins are added to an established cryptocurrency.

Importance of market cap in crypto startups

The concept of market cap is used frequently in the financial markets as it serves as a measure to assess the value of a company and its assets. By taking into account the market cap, crypto startups can easily gauge the value of their company and, thus, attain a clearer picture of how much they are worth. Following are the importance of market cap in crypto startups:

  • Crypto startups are constantly competing with other crypto startups in the market. Just like any other startup, a crypto startup wants to succeed and obtain a strong market share. A strong grasp of their business's value is a critical aspect of running a crypto startup. Being aware of the market cap and its relation to the company’s value allows them to both compete more effectively in the market and also take advantage of any potential growth opportunities.

  • The current crypto environment is highly volatile, which means that any small change in the valuation of crypto startups can result in large gains or losses. Knowing the market cap of their company allows crypto startups to keep up with changes. The market cap enables crypto startups to react quickly to changes and keep track of how much their company’s market share has changed.

  • By tracking market cap, crypto startups will be able to evaluate their progress and forecast future performance, which is essential in determining the next steps and actions they must take. It is important to note that a market cap is a relative number, which means that it will change depending on the number of crypto tokens that belong to a crypto startup. Thus, conducting regular market cap evaluations will allow crypto startups to determine the growth rate of their company and set future goals accordingly.

How does the market cap help value cryptocurrencies?

The theory behind the market cap of a crypto company is simple – the higher the number and value of coins or tokens, the higher its market cap. However, due to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies, the market cap swings dramatically on a day-to-day basis. The role of the market cap in crypto startups is crucial, as it consists of both fundamental and speculative factors.

Market cap helps crypto startups identify the future of their business based on their current and previous market share, which it uses to determine their company's growth. Even though a crypto startup’s market cap may vary from day to day, it is still one of the key indicators of the value of a crypto startup. Therefore, crypto startups should always be aware of their market cap and how it affects their financial health.

The market cap for crypto investors

Usually, investors have a higher risk tolerance and are more interested in finding the best deals in the market. With this in mind, investors are more attracted to the idea of finding the best crypto startups. By considering the potential growth of a crypto startup, investors can pick up some of the most promising companies in the market and climb up quicker.

The numerous startups competing in the market can cause investors to be concerned. To overcome this, investors should consider the market cap of each startup and decide which ones they should invest in. Thus, the market cap is a great way for investors to identify the best opportunities in the market and manage their portfolios accordingly.

How to calculate the market cap for crypto?

Now that we have explored the concept of market cap and its role in crypto startups, it is time to look at how to calculate the market cap for your crypto startup. The market cap can be calculated using the following formula:

Market Cap = Number of Coins * Price per Coin

In this formula, the number of coins represents the total number of tokens that belong to a crypto startup, and the price per coin is the current market price of the coin. To understand how this formula works, let us take an example of a company ABC Cryptocurrency which has 500,000 coins in circulation, and every coin is worth $1; its market cap is $500,000. In mathematical terms, it is as follows:

Market cap - 500,000 * 1 = $500,000

Therefore, this formula shows that the market cap of a company is determined by multiplying the number of its coins by the current value of a coin. This similar calculation can be used for all the crypto startups in the market to determine their respective market caps.

Is choosing a market cap to value crypto a good choice?

Well, it all depends on the criteria you are setting for your valuation. When deciding on a valuation, you consider different factors, such as the projected growth of a crypto startup, its current revenue, the quality of its team and advisors, etc. To value these companies correctly, one should choose a valuation method that is appropriate for their business. Similarly, the market cap method is a comparative analysis form that helps value crypto startup companies. Using this method, experts and analysts are able to make informed decisions regarding the valuation of a crypto startup.

Disadvantages of market cap in crypto valuation

While the market cap method of valuation is a great way to value crypto startups and currencies, there are some limitations that one must consider before deciding on this method. Here are a few of the disadvantages of the market cap method in valuation:

  • Only show the latest transactions - To calculate the market cap, crypto startups must report their transactions daily. Since crypto startups cannot control the price of their coins or tokens, they usually have no control over their value. The demand and supply of the token on the market determine the value of the coin and can change rapidly at any minute. Therefore, the market cap valuation method only shows a crypto company's latest transactions at a certain point in time.

  • Real money invested isn't represented - There are lots of reasons why investors make their transactions. Some people might just be day trading, while others might flip their investments for profit. Therefore, when determining the market cap, tokens or coins are multiplied by their current price without considering the number of investors that made those transactions or how much they have spent on them. It is a common misconception among investors that the market cap of a startup is equal to the investment that has been made by its clients.

  • Supply calculation is over accounted - In the market cap valuation method, the supply of each coin or token is determined based on the number of coins or tokens that have entered circulation. However, the supply only represents the current amount of coins and tokens in circulation and does not account for any potential coins that might remain locked into the company’s reserve. The exposure of this information could potentially impact the value of a coin or token, which cannot be distinguished by using the market cap method.

Therefore, these are a few considerations that one must take into account before deciding on the market cap of valuation.

Market cap to measure the popularity of crypto

One of the biggest advantages of the market cap method is that it helps crypto startups measure their projects' popularity level. Market cap calculations allow crypto startups to identify the growth prospects along with the popularity of a coin in the future. The large market caps represent more potential return on investment and are usually more attractive to investors. The mid-market caps are healthier and most common since they indicate increased interest in the coin with little volatility. Lastly, the small market caps represent a high level of risk and volatility while they are also less popular in the market. Thus, the market cap helps measure a coin's popularity in the crypto market.

Note: It is recommended that investors should research carefully before buying coins or tokens in this market.

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