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​How Much Is Paige Spiranac Net Worth In 2024? [ANSWERED]

Paige Spiranac is a former professional golfer turned social media influencer and model with a significant following across various platforms. 

Born on March 26, 1993, in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, she has transitioned from sports to becoming a prominent online personality. In this article, I’ve explored her net worth, income sources and her beginnings. 

Full Name

Paige Renee Spiranac




Instagram star, former golf player


March 26, 1993

Net Worth

$3 million​

Paige Spiranac Net Worth 2024

Paige Spiranac, a name well-known in the golfing community and beyond, has an estimated net worth of around $3 million as of 2024. But how does she make her money? It's not just from playing golf. Paige has diversified her income sources, including revenue from social media, brand partnerships, and her own subscription service, OnlyPaige.

Social media, especially Instagram, plays a big part in Paige's earnings. With her large following, she is a prime candidate for brands looking to promote their products. It's estimated that she earns about $14,000 for every sponsored post she shares with her followers. 

Besides Instagram, Paige has also ventured into creating her own subscription service, OnlyPaige. This platform allows her fans to get exclusive content that's not available on her free channels. It's a smart move, providing her with a steady income stream while also engaging her fanbase on a more personal level.

Her brand partnerships are another major source of income. By aligning with companies that fit her brand and audience, Paige has been able to earn through endorsements and collaborations. These partnerships not only bring in money but also help in keeping her brand relevant and visible.

How Did Paige Spiranac Build Her Net Worth?

Paige Spiranac made a big change when she moved from being a professional golfer to a social media star. She used her skills in golf and her natural ability to connect with people online and built a strong online presence.

Paige Spiranac strategically capitalized on her influence by entering into partnerships with notable brands like Callaway Golf, 18Birdies, and PointsBet. Through these collaborations, she leveraged her platform to endorse their products to her extensive follower base, earning significant compensation in the process. 

This approach was not only financially beneficial but also seamlessly aligned with her sports background and personal passions, ensuring authenticity in her promotions.

Paige Spiranac expanded her revenue streams by launching OnlyPaige, an exclusive subscription service. This platform offers her audience access to unique content not available on her public channels. 

This innovative approach not only provided her with an additional income source but also deepened her connection with fans by sharing more personal and exclusive insights.

Paige Spiranac built her net worth by transitioning from professional golf to digital influencing, collaborating with well-known brands, and initiating her subscription service. These actions played a crucial role in her financial growth, allowing her to increase her income and savings.

Social Media Endorsements

Paige Spiranac leverages her Instagram platform to generate income through sponsored content. Brands, recognizing her extensive reach, compensate her for promoting their products or services to her followers. 

This arrangement benefits both parties: brands gain visibility among her engaged audience, and Paige secures a steady stream of income from these collaborations. 

The effectiveness of this strategy is directly tied to her follower count and engagement rates, making her social media influence a valuable asset. Additionally, this approach allows her to select partnerships that align with her personal brand and interests, ensuring authenticity in her promotions.

Subscription Service (OnlyPaige)

Through her subscription service, OnlyPaige, Paige Spiranac delivers exclusive content that goes beyond what is available on her public social media channels. This platform allows subscribers to gain access to specialized golf tutorials, personal anecdotes, and insights into her professional journey, which are not shared elsewhere. 

The service operates on a subscription model, where fans pay a set monthly fee to unlock this content. This not only provides Paige with a consistent source of income but also strengthens her connection with her audience by offering them value-added content.

It serves as a direct channel for Paige to engage with her most dedicated followers, offering them a closer look into her life and expertise in golf. This strategy not only capitalizes on her existing fan base but also attracts new subscribers looking for in-depth content in the niche of golf and personal development.

Brand Partnerships and Endorsements

Paige Spiranac has established partnerships with a wide array of brands, including sports marketing company Octagon, golf services and products providers like XGolf and Dynamic Brands, golf club fitting company Club Champion, bookmaker PointsBet, and digital sports service Betsperts. 

Her recent endorsement of JetFuel energy drink further expands her diverse portfolio of brand collaborations, highlighting her broad appeal across the sports and lifestyle sectors.

These partnerships involve Paige promoting specific items or services to her audience, for which she is financially compensated. This method of monetization not only contributes to her income but also offers brands a platform to access a wider, engaged audience. 

The success of these endorsements is largely dependent on the alignment between Paige's personal brand and the values of the products she endorses, ensuring authenticity in her promotions. This strategy not only enhances her portfolio of professional collaborations but also reinforces her position as a key influencer within the sports and lifestyle sectors.

Merchandise Sales

Paige Spiranac has effectively utilized her brand to diversify her income through the sale of merchandise. 

In October 2022, she launched a calendar featuring exclusive photos, offering her fans a "365 days of Paige" experience. This initiative, along with the sale of t-shirts, posters, and towels as part of her Maxim merch collection, demonstrates her strategic approach to brand extension. 

Her merchandise not only caters to her extensive fan base but also solidifies her position as a successful businesswoman.

What Properties Does Paige Spiranac Own?

Paige Spiranac has made investments in real estate. This document outlines her property holdings.

Paige's primary residence is in Scottsdale, Arizona, a region with a significant number of golf courses. Given her professional background in golf, this choice is practical. The area is also known for its climate and community environment, making it suitable for residents with an active lifestyle.

Additionally, Paige owns a penthouse condominium in Las Vegas, Nevada. This investment indicates a preference for properties that offer a degree of luxury. Las Vegas is recognized for its entertainment options and luxury living spaces, suggesting that her investment is both a personal and strategic choice.

Apart from these endeavors, Paige's lifestyle is complemented by her choice in luxury cars, with a Ferrari Portofino M, valued at approximately $200,000, highlighting her penchant for high-end vehicles​

Early Life Of Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac was born in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, into a family with a strong sports background; her father was a football player, and her mother was a ballet dancer. This environment influenced her to pursue sports. 

She attended San Diego State University, where she stood out in golf, contributing to her team's Mountain West Conference Championship win in 2015. Despite her success in college golf, Spiranac aimed for a professional golf career, which is known for its competitive nature and high performance demands. 

She later shifted her focus to social media, sharing her golf expertise and personal life, which quickly gained her a wide audience. This change in direction allowed her to leverage her knowledge and passion for golf in a new and impactful way, establishing her presence on a global platform.

Personal Life Of Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac has managed her personal life with a degree of openness, balanced with privacy, particularly in relation to her status as a public figure on social media.

 In 2018, she entered into marriage with Steven Tinoco, a personal trainer, but announced their separation in 2022. While Paige is transparent about many aspects of her life, she opts to keep certain details, such as those concerning her divorce, private.

She has been vocal about her experiences with cyberbullying, addressing the challenges of facing negative remarks and harassment online. Paige has used her experiences as a catalyst to advocate against online bullying, aiming to support others facing similar challenges and encouraging a more positive environment on digital platforms.

Despite the openness, Paige emphasizes the importance of maintaining a private sphere, selectively sharing aspects of her life with the public. She advocates for keeping personal experiences and moments reserved for herself and close relations, seeking a balance that allows her to maintain her well-being and sense of normalcy amidst her public life.


Paige Spiranac shifted from professional golf to a role as a social media influencer and business owner. By 2024, she has a net worth of around $3 million, utilizing her golf knowledge, digital presence, and business initiatives. She continues to share her interest in golf worldwide, supports various causes, and enhances her brand. Her path and how she interacts with her followers motivate many.


Why doesn't Paige Spiranac play golf anymore?

The primary reason for her departure from professional golf was not due to a lack of physical ability but rather mental challenges and the pressure associated with professional tournaments.

Spiranac has openly discussed her struggles with the mental aspects of the game, stating that the pressure was too much for her and that she found tournaments particularly stressful.

How Old Is Paige Spiranac?

Who is Paige Spiranac married to?

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